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hey y’all, here is the feb 2021 bullet journal setup! grab your snack and tag along! enjoy!



zebra pen mildliners
staedtler marsgraphic duo brush markers
milky gel pens
uni-ball signo um-153 gel pen
fineliner color pen
artecho dual tip marker
essentials large black dot matrix notebook



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Hey y'all welcome here today, I'm going to enjoy a 2021 bullet journal setup and this month's theme is abstract shapes.

So I hope you enjoy.

Let's begin.

First, I'm going to write february in the open sands, boldy font and I'm going to color in all the different letters, a different color, and then I took a fluorescent, yellow marker and I outlined february and just colored it in and everything was fine until then, until I messed up so here's a little back story, so it was all going fine until I realized that I actually didn't leave a space between the numbers and that's how it looked um yeah.

So it wasn't like the worst thing in the world, but it wasn't the best thing in the world either, because I had to rip out the paper and then cut out the february and paste in here.

It was a it took a long time, but it's fine, because now it's all good.

So I now I wrote down um the calendar, and then I made the different shapes, and I outlined them, but as you can kind of see um.

My outlines are a little different because I didn't outline them like really specifically with the actual borders but a little off so that that was the style for this um theme.

So I thought that would be cool, so yeah.

I made more shades like that, and then I went to the next page and the next page is the actual calendar.

So I started out by writing february in the same spot that I wrote um february in before, and then I wrote 2020.

yeah, it's 2021, but I don't know why I wrote 2020 but yeah.

Let's just ignore that and um.

Then I made these small boxes and each of them has a little circle which has the date on them and I thought it'd be kind of cool, but I couldn't fit all of them on one page, I mean like two pages.

So I had to go on the back side.

And then do a couple more.

I usually like to fit everything on one page, because then everything else like that's kind of weird but uh, I just went back and then I added the different shapes on the space that was left there and then on the actual circles.

I just outlined, like the border-ish part, with different colors, because it looked a little too plain, and then I made the shapes on last page and wrote february in different colors and just outlined all the shapes and other things and now for the habit tracker.

So I made this grid thing and I uh divide all the uh scores into different days.

So the first one is workout.

Then water plans youtube, study and screen time and outside screen time.

I don't know why I put that because uh in quarantine, you have to like have screen time like for school and everything else, but um, yeah and now for the moon tracker.

So I use the same font that I used for the previous pages and I drew all kinds of shapes and I'm going to color in each shape.

According to what my mood is every day and here's the key and for the next page um, it's actually I'm not even gonna, explain it because it's not gonna, be that way, just a spoiler but yeah we're just gonna move on to the next page.

So the next page is the weekly spread, and this time I actually did it on one page only so.

Firstly, I have this like sticky, note taped, um on top and um these different boxes, which are the different days in the week and then I'm just gonna outline the shapes and the squares.

And then here I have this different table-ish type thing which is for reading and vitamins.

So I could have put it in the habit tracker too, but I thought it fit more with the this like thing, and here I have the clean spread which is special to this month, so I divided up them into different rooms in my house, and then I wrote down the things that I could clean in there and put a picture that to represent that and well two quotes which are a clean home.

It's a happy home and the second one is home is beautiful, so yeah and then I erased all the pencil that was behind the markers and then I went on to the next page.

So this one is the playlist brad.

So I decided to draw a giant cassette tape and behind that is a black triangle, because since it was obviously the abstract shape theme, so I just colored in the triangle black and then I outlined the cassette with a fine liner.

Then I went on to the coloring, so I colored in the like inside part of the cassette like a pinkish color and then the inside inside of the cassette was yellow and the inside of the headphones were also yellow.

But then the outside was like a aquaish color and then I wrote down february playlist inside and a random scorby, because I don't know why I wrote that but um over here, I'm just doing um like a play button and a forward and backward thing.

So I was looking a little plain, so I just went in with a white marker and just outlined the inside.

So here are the songs.

I wrote the first one is stay with me.

The second one is call me maybe and the third one is run to you and all of them are osts from kdramas.

Also, the thing that you just saw, I actually didn't, have enough footage of that so yeah, but anyways.

So here is something which is a little weird, but here home is where the heart is.

That's what I wrote in like different colors and I outlined it and did everything- and this is for the page yeah that page, which I told you that I wasn't even gonna do so.

This is a little chaotic, because I had yeah you can just see for yourself.

I went through so many markers just outlining it and making it look good, but then I just had to paste another um paper on top because it was not looking good and I was not happy with it at all.

So here's what I did instead, I made like a clipboard type like thing yeah like that, and I outlined it with um my file liner and then I so I did two of those just saying, but one I'm gonna do later in the video.

But this is for doodles for like random things, and I just ran out of ideas.

I could say, and then I didn't really know what to do on this page anyways, because all the things got a little messed up because of like the calendar that I did in the beginning.

Uh like they were like taking three pages, so that got a little weird, but then on the side like that thing I just made like different shapes and because it was looking like so weird and plain, but here so I did one in the beginning of the page, two like in the beginning of this uh, like the like, whatever and I went in with a different marker this time, because obviously I didn't want to do the exact same thing, but I this time I wrote, write a sentence a day.

So I've seen this a lot, but I haven't tried it.

So I wanted to try it out and now we're finally done except for the final reveal, but here it is so on the first page we have the page where it says, write a sentence a day and it's like a clipboard and super pretty.

The second one is the main page, it says february and has the calendar and the different um shapes, because obviously that's important, and this one is the main calendar which says february 2020 on the top and the shapes and the boxes of days.

Of course, but as we know, we couldn't fit it.

So we have a couple in the back page as well, but now we have the habit tracker with um a lot of different categories and a lot of different shapes, so yeah and then the other one is the mood tracker and that has a lot of different shapes and a lot.

It's gonna be a lot of different colors as well at the end of the month, and then this page is the doodle for free page, and I don't really know why I wrote doodle for free but anyways.

So the next page is the weekly spread, which says february on the top and the different boxes as the days and then the little table, that's pretty iconic from this page and then the checklist uh sticky note, and then this one is pretty special to this month because um, we don't really do this like normally, but we have all the different uh rooms and the things we could do in the rooms and then two quotes to obviously just spicing it up below but yeah and then moving on to the next and last page, which is the music playlist right.

So I actually really like this page, obviously because of the cassette tape, but also because you know it looks really pretty and also because I really like the songs but anyways uh yeah.

That's basically it for this month's theme, but I really hope you liked it and I'm gonna be posting more videos like these.

If you want to watch that, please subscribe and I'll see you next time bye, your name, your name.


Do you start a new bullet journal each year? ›

However, many bullet journal fans have been wondering when it is a convenient time to start a new one. So, should you start a new bullet journal every year? A new bullet journal at the beginning of the year means a fresh start, so it is highly recommended to do so.

Can you start a bullet journal mid month? ›

There's no need to wait until next January—you can start a bullet journal in the beginning, middle, or end of the year (or anytime in between). Remember: Much like creating a vision board, there aren't many hard-and-fast rules to bullet journaling.

How do you make a bullet journal look good? ›

If you want to make your journal as aesthetic as possible, then making use of gentle and subtle hues can be beneficial and work wonders too. Adding some pastel washi tape to the corners of photos, or even as borders to your journal's pages can look truly stunning and add a gently beautiful effect to the pages.

What do you put on the first page of a bullet journal? ›

If you have no idea what you want page one to be in your bullet journal, here are some helpful ideas that people use for their first page. A drawing- Creative flowers doodles, mandalas, snowmen- you name it! If it makes you happy, draw it. An inspirational quote– Pick a quote that means something to do.

Should bullet journal be lined or dotted? ›

If you're into bullet journaling or want to try it out, a dotted notebook is the way to go. If you're curious about using a blank notebook but aren't quite ready to abandon the safety of your lines, a dotted notebook can provide an in-between option that's the best of both worlds.

What is the key of the bullet journal method? ›

A bullet journal key is a page at the start of your bullet journal where you keep track of the symbols, colours or other signifiers you use to represent various tasks and ideas stored inside your journal. As with all bullet journaling, your key can be customised to meet your unique needs.

How long should a bullet journal last? ›

That said, most people can expect a bullet journal to last 6 -12 months on average. People who don't use them as frequently may go through only one bullet journal over a 12 -24 month period, while someone extremely active in their bullet journal may require a new one every 3 or 4 months.

Do you start bullet journal index at front or back? ›

Start your Index at the Back of your Notebook

But if you don't know how many pages you need for your Index (especially if you've never had a bullet journal before), starting at the back means you won't run out of space for you Index as it grows.

Should I have multiple bullet journals? ›

If just the one bullet journal doesn't feel right for you, you can try creating a separate bullet journal for work. This ensures that you're not taking your work home with you and can be a great option for those of us who struggle with setting boundaries between our work and personal life.

How many pages should a bullet journal have? ›

If you use a lot of pages every month, say twenty or more. You may want to look for a bullet journal notebook with more pages such as 185-250 so it lasts longer. However if you only use ten or so pages a month, you'll be fine using a notebook with 100-180 pages.

What is the difference between a journal and a bullet journal? ›

Bullet journals come with dots instead of lines on the pages. The dots are meant to be better for creating spreads compared to lines. Lined pages are seen in journals so that you can write down all that you need to. You add spreads to your bullet journals, which does require more work.

Where do you put collections in a bullet journal? ›

My favorite way to do this is to just start keeping my bullet journal collections in the back of my bullet journal and slowly work forward. If your pages are pre-numbered, you can still put all the info in the index but still easily know where to start flipping through if you don't.

What is the first thing to write in a journal? ›

Start with the present moment (“What's going on?”) Or start with a feeling (“I'm so mad I could bust!”) Or start with a story (“Today the weirdest thing happened….”) Once you've started, don't go back to edit or rewrite. And don't think too much. Let it flow.

Do you carry your bullet journal with you? ›

The purpose of carrying around your bullet journal is to make it more accessible. You don't want to forget anything important! If you already have a purse, which you carry around, and if there is room in it then you can simply put your bullet journal and pen case in there.

What are the three most common symbols used in a bullet journal? ›

The Bullet Journal Method is based on a set of symbols and shorthand that allows users to quickly categorize and prioritize tasks, events, and notes. The main symbols include a bullet point (•) for tasks, an open circle (o) for events, a dash (-) for notes, and an asterisk (*) for priority tasks.

What do you log in a bullet journal? ›

The Future Log is a great way to log all the important and fun events you have going on in your life. It keeps all of your future events in one place. Anything that occurs in future months such as birthdays, holidays, trips, meetings, and more would go in the Future Log.

Why are people quitting bullet journaling? ›

You're overloading yourself with too many tasks

It can be demoralizing if you assign yourself 20 tasks but only completed 3 of them. Assigning yourself too many tasks makes you less motivated to even touch your bullet journal. If it were me, I wouldn't want to open a journal to countless tasks that need to be done.

What is the most popular bullet journal size? ›

By far, the most popular size bullet journal is a medium also known as an A5 notebook. It's a great size for most people because it provides a good amount of space for writing yet it's sized perfectly for a backpack, computer bag, handbag, or tote.

What is the most common bullet journal size? ›

The standard bullet journal size is the A5 notebook (5.75” x 8.25”), but there is also the smaller A6 notebook (4.12'' wide x 5.75'') as well as the larger A4 notebook (8.27” × 11.69”), so there is a size for everyone!

What is level 10 life? ›

A Level 10 Life is a productivity method created by Hal Elrod that helps you get a better understanding of how you feel about the current state of your life, which helps you when goal setting . The system allows you to step back and reevaluate your life, by assigning levels of success to different categories.

Do you write on the dots in a bullet journal? ›

Use the dots in your notebook to form starting points for your notations, and use them to create a pleasingly well-proportioned index at the start of your journal.

Do bullet journals have to be dotted? ›

Bullet journals are notebooks and may be on blank, lined, dotted, or gridded paper. It's simply a matter of personal preference which choice you prefer.

Do you keep old bullet journals? ›

It's Really Up To You

Whether storing digitally or keeping them in a binder, you definitely won't have any issue with space. However, if you find these old journals to be completely useless to you, then it's not really worth keeping. Just remember that you don't have to rush and make an immediate decision right away.

Are there disadvantages of journaling? ›

Sometimes keeping a journal of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences helps, but often it makes things worse. In general, it is likely to hurt if it tries to help you “know yourself” in isolation and helps if it leads to greater understanding and behavior change in your interactions with others.

What is junk journaling? ›

A Junk Journal is a handmade book of recycled and found materials and ephemera. The pages can be used to write, draw, paint or record memories, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. The finished junk journal can become anything you want.

What is an Omni journal? ›

Omni Journaling is basically what its name implies. It's the amalgamation of all mainstream journaling styles. Think the efficient planner-like structure of bullet journaling, plus the colorful pages of an art or travel journal, plus the writings of the classic memory journal.

What is the classic bullet journal size? ›

The most common bullet journal size is A5 size – which is 5.83″ x 8.27 in”.. This really is a great size, because it can fit in a purse or a backpack easily, and it is a big enough size to crate various bullet journal layouts.

What is the best thickness for bullet journal? ›

GSM means grams per square meter. This is referring to your paper thickness in bullet journaling which is important: Anything lower than 54 GSM is quite thin and not good for liquid or gel ink as it will show through to the other side. 100 GSM paper is common place with a Bullet Notebook.

Can you use a regular notebook for bullet journaling? ›

Bullet journaling can be done in any notebook, including lined journals (which you probably have laying around anyway) and blank journals. The origination of the bullet journal actually has nothing to do with the dots on the page.

Is a bullet journal just a to-do list? ›

Bullet journaling goes beyond simple to-do lists and encourages people to look at their activities holistically, bringing in things like long-term health, career, and family goals into the picture. Its format uses simple codes to help organize by daily tasks, monthly events, professional and personal goals, and more.

Which is better bullet journal or planner? ›

While a planner can be built into a bullet journal (and Silk + Sonder comes with one), planners are more simple than bullet journals. While a bullet journal is filled with different activities and trackers, a planner is typically used more for keeping track of what's coming up.

Why is it called a bullet journal? ›

The name "bullet journal" comes from the use of abbreviated bullet points to log information, but it also partially comes from the use of dot journals, which are gridded using dots rather than lines.

How do you organize pages in a bullet journal? ›

Intermixed Pages

Possibly one of the most common ways to organize your bullet journal pages is to create them as you need/want them. This means, you add your regular monthly and weekly planning pages and then add in your collection pages as you need them. There is no pre-planning for this method.

What should be on the first page of a bullet journal? ›

If you have no idea what you want page one to be in your bullet journal, here are some helpful ideas that people use for their first page. A drawing- Creative flowers doodles, mandalas, snowmen- you name it! If it makes you happy, draw it. An inspirational quote– Pick a quote that means something to do.

How do you use a bullet journal for beginners? ›

Bullet Journaling for Beginners: 8 Steps to Get Started
  1. Step 1: Adjust Your Mindset. ...
  2. Step 2: Get a Journal and Writing Utensils. ...
  3. Step 3: Start an Index Page. ...
  4. Step 4: Create Logs. ...
  5. Step 5: Pick Signifiers. ...
  6. Step 6: Document Items with Collections. ...
  7. Step 7: Make Time for It. ...
  8. Step 8: Get Better, Gradually.
Mar 9, 2018

What is the ideal number of pages for a bullet journal? ›

If you use a lot of pages every month, say twenty or more. You may want to look for a bullet journal notebook with more pages such as 185-250 so it lasts longer. However if you only use ten or so pages a month, you'll be fine using a notebook with 100-180 pages.

How do you divide a journal into sections? ›

Use a ruler to draw three straight lines down the spread, dividing it into three equal sections on each page. For example, if each page has 24 lines make three sections on each page of 8 lines each.

What is the key page in bullet journal? ›

What is a Bullet Journal Key? A bullet journal key or legend is simply a handy reference guide that you create to remind you what colors, letters, or symbols you use in your bullet journal to signify various tasks.

What do you write first in a journal? ›

Start with the present moment (“What's going on?”) Or start with a feeling (“I'm so mad I could bust!”) Or start with a story (“Today the weirdest thing happened….”) Once you've started, don't go back to edit or rewrite. And don't think too much. Let it flow.

What are the essential parts of a bullet journal? ›

The original bullet journal system is made up of four main sections. A 'daily log', 'monthly log', 'future log', and an 'index'. The 'daily log' serves as the daily driver of the system and is where we keep the tasks, events and notes for each day.

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